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Rafleys was created based on the rental property and sales property management concept with A- Z list of services for home owners and guests. For sales properties we have a vast experience in working with investors and second home buyers abroad, as we know how the market works and we have handled more than 200 properties in rental and holiday management transactions. Hence, we know exactly what you are looking for to give you good yield when you are not in Spain and we know how to choose your home if you are looking for one!\r\n\r\nWe take care of every detail and share the practical perspective of our buyers and investors, at the time giving 24/7 support and attention!\r\n\r\nOur clients value our work for our flexible and caring approach, and it is very important to us to keep our quality of service at the top. Therefore we care enormously about the quality of our work!\r\n\r\n


Calle Marte 7
29649 Malaga

Contactpersoon: Dhr. Sara
Tel. +34 695333569
Tel. +34 603 90 60 36

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